At Northern Lymphology Ltd we are proud users of the Hydroven 12 Lymphassist Machine from Haddenham Healthcare.  Known in the medical device field as ‘Intermittant Pneumatic Compression’ (ICP), it is as it suggests a compression device.  A garment is fitted onto the limb and the pressure required and prescribed by the specialist is set on the machin
e.  The system then fills up with air and ‘squeezes’ the limb gently in a ‘peristaltic’ manor.  Although this is definitely compression it feels like a ‘massaging’ effect upon the tissues.  It is programmed to compress in the same sequence as MLD, which is why it is sometimes confused and substituted for MLD.  Bandages compress and give a massaging effect too as the person mobilises, so we aim to eliminate confusion by offering clear explanations at your appointments as to what each chosen individual treatment options delivers.