Academic Credentials


Justine Whitaker is Senior Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston. In this post Justine is responsible for the management and delivery of the Modules on Lymphoedema at Post Graduate level. As well as regularly contributing to scholarly journals with many publications, Justine also sits on the Editorial Board of two peer reviewed journals: Journal of Lymphoedema & Wounds International.

Nurse of the Year

In 2007, the Royal College of Nursing awarded Justine Whitaker with two prestigious titles: Innovations in Cancer Nursing and the overall winner of Nurse of the Year for the United Kingdom. Justine is also the inventor of a compression garment for oedema of the scrotum, commonly associated with advanced Prostate Cancer. Marketed as the Whitaker Pouch, this product is manufactured in Germany and available on the global scene.


Audit Results

Cellulitis is still the most common risk factor of lymphatic disorders and
if not identified and treated promptly and appropriately can lead to loss
of life. Treatments offered at Northern Lymphology have led to a huge reduction in cases of cellulitis and hospital admissions over an average of 12 appointments.

Client Satisfaction Questionnaire

Overall 70% of clients return our questionnaires. Of those 100% marked us ‘outstanding’ in delivering quality care with dignity and respect.